(Joseph Ghio, R. 2010) Sdlg. 06-15J5. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML-VL
S. and style arms orange; F. orange sunburst, wide maroon band edged with thin orange rim; beards tangerine. 04-50: (02-220A6: (Bowled Over x 99-174A: (Crazy for You x 95-38S2: (Keppel 89-29C: (Social Event x Femme Fatale) x Boudoir))) x Decadence) X 04-74C2: (Marching Band x 02-12A2: (00-8J2, Vigilant sib, x 00-70B3: (97-113V3: (Night Game x 95-1G: (U92-7A2, unknown, x 93-90, Snowed In sib)) x 98-2E2: (96-9F2: (93-152A3: (Affaire x Romantic Evening) x Connection) x Starring)))). Bay View 2011. HM 2013.