(Keith Keppel, R. 2009) Sdlg. 04-133C. TB, 36" (91 cm), M
S. pale pinkish grey-white (M&P 42-AB-1); style arms same, lavender lip; F. pinkish lavender-grey-white ground heavily overlaid heliotrope grey (44-L-3) to lobelia violet (43-E-6) fine lining and texture veining, heaviest toward haft; beards light shrimp pink, light blue at end; light lace, heavy ruffling. Blyth N48-X: (Royal Sterling x Keppel 99-42Y: (Last Laugh x 95-49B: (Electrique x Romantic Evening))) X Blyth N213: (Hello It’s Me x Reckless in Denim). Keppel 2010. HM 2012, AM 2014, Wister 2016.

Haunted Heart