(Keith Keppel, R. 2009) Sdlg. 02-73B. TB, 38" (97 cm), EM
S. dark reddish mulberry purple (M&P 48-J-9), very faint cream ground underlay toward center base; style arms lighter prune purple (47-J-8); F. ¾˝-1˝ dark grape purple (47-J-12) outer band and dotting, light velvet texture, center blaze light martius yellow (9-I-1) with few fine grape speckles, smaller white ground area at haft veined and speckled grape; beards spanish yellow (10-L-7), layered yellow/violet/violet-white giving greyed mustard effect at end. 98-204G: (Charleston x 92-44A: (87-26A: (Rosarita x 82-11K: (78-81A: (Rancho Rose x 75-113B: (71-12C, Flamenco sib, x 71-43D: (68-17B, Roundup sib, x April Melody))) x Gigolo)) x Power Surge)) X 00-45A: (Storm Track x Drama Queen). Keppel 2010. HM 2012, AM 2015.

Tunnel Vision