(Keith Keppel, R. 2010) Sdlg. 03-17E. TB, 36" (91 cm), M
         S. and style arms golden glow (M&P 9-L-6) to goldenrod (10-L 5), faint                     peach blush more pronounced at base; F. same, ³⁄₈˝ to ½˝ marginal band             of kazak (7-L-9) to algerian red (7-L-5); beards solid indian orange (1/2-D-               12). Jazz Band X 00-194B: (Starship Enterprise x 96-62C: (93-72W, sib to               Sharpshooter, x Sharpshooter)). Keppel 2011. HM 2013, AM 2015.