(Keith Keppel, R. 2009) Sdlg. 04-147A. TB, 38" (97 cm), M
S. center sulphur to citron yellow (M&P 10-J-1/2) changing to warm white texture veined yellow toward outer portion, narrow ¹⁄₈˝ dandelion (9-L-4/5) edge; crests dandelion (9-L-4); F. burgundy black (much deeper than 56-H-12), large central area white to cream strongly veined burgundy black; beards solid deep chrome to cadmium yellow (9-L-7/8). Blyth L304-1, Platinum Class sib, X Pirate Ahoy. Keppel 2010. HM 2012, AM 2014, Wister 2017.

Reckless Abandon