(Keith Keppel, R. 2003) Sdlg. 95-79A. TB, 31" (79 cm), M
S. elderberry (M&P 45/46-J-12), very slight shading of white, white central area on reverse; style arms bramble (46-K-12) shaded nightshade (47-H-11); F. white, slight violet shading and dotting, solid blackish eggplant (48-H-12) edge; beards light blue (42-A/B-5). 90-82A: (87-91A: (((Villain x Swazi Princess) x Blackout) x (Titan's Glory x Blackout)) x 88-40A, Storm Track pollen parent) X 88-40A. Keppel 2004. HM 2006, AM 2008.