(Paul Black, R. 2013) Sdlg. R286C. SDB, 11" (28 cm), E-M
        S. white, dark purple midrib, wide mid violet washed and stitched plicata          band, few random violet dots over center; style arms mid purple, silver-            grey edges; F. cream base, elongated dark purple haft and dart at end of          beard, long cream veins alongside beard, minimal violet plicata marks                around lower ¹⁄₃; beards mid orange in throat, light orange in middle,                  white end; slight sweet fragrance. O342B: (L345B, Dollop of Cream sib, x          Stormy Circle) X P121A: (Sequel x M251A, He’s So Shy pod parent). Mid-            America 2013.

On A Whim