(Keith Keppel, R. 2007) Sdlg. 01-49B. TB, 33" (84 cm), EM
S. greyed red-purple (M&P 45-J-5), ¼˝ straw yellow (10-F-2) edge; style arms straw to reed yellow (10-I-1), midrib flushed red purple; F. velvety dark red purple, darker and brighter than raisin purple (54-B-12), narrow oyster white (10-B-1) edge, inner haft lemon (9-L-2), white around beard; beards chrome yellow (9-L-7), white and lemon at end. 99-61A: (96-11D, sib to Moonlit Water, x New Leaf) X High Master. Keppel 2008. HM 2010, AM 2012, Wister 2014, Dykes 2017.