(Joseph Ghio, R. 2007) Sdlg. 02-254-O. TB, 38" (97 cm), EML
S. apricot bisque blending to maroon at base and midrib; F. ruby maroon overlaid black; beards tangerine. 99-1-W: (97-8-O3: (95-1-G2: (U92-7A2, unknown, x 93-90, Snowed In sib) x Impulsive) x 97-57A4: (94-25I: (92-42 light speckles, Puccini pod parent, x 92-170C3: (Regal Affair x 88-180P, Snowed In pod parent)) x 95-36C, Impulsive sib)) X Wearing Rubies. Bay View 2008. HM 2011.