(Joseph Ghio, R. 2006) Sdlg. 01-76G2. TB, 34" (86 cm), ML
Blue orchid self, F. lighter in center with greenish cast; beards tangerine, orchid at end. 99-59-M2: (97-74-14: (94-8-53: (Blonde Bombshell x 90-12-Q3: (Pink Ballerina x 86-95-B4: (Newlywed x Caption))) x 93-140-12: (Pink Starlet x 91-43P: (Happy Marriage x Bubbling Along))) x 96-57Z: (Perfect Gift x Blonde Bombshell)) X 99-11-14: (97-24-A3, Natural Blond sib, x Thinking of You). Bay View 2007. HM 2009, AM 2011.

Christmas Present